SmartStorage® System Specifications


Automated demand management Predictive algorithm manages electric utility demand
Performance tuned to site operations & utility rates
Operates with or without co-deployed PV system
Scalable power and capacity Available both in 30kW/40kWh and 30kW/80kWh configurations
Multi-unit scalability to meet site-specific power & capacity needs
User interface and reporting Web server-based user interface
Secure account access
Current monthly and historical performance reports
Provides monthly summary of demand savings achieved
Safety Battery rack, cells and BMS tested & approved to UL standards
Power converter tested & approved to UL standards
Integrated BMS provides redundant automated safety features
Reliability Full 10-year warranty service available under Asset
Management Service Agreement
Standard 1-year warranty
Lithium-ion battery cell life warrantied > 4,000 cycles
Integrated industrial grade site server
Integrated cloud-based management
Product kit Pre-integrated system components delivered in kit form
Easy onsite integration and installation
Future software updates Automated in-field software updates
Post-deployment performance tuning
Post-deployment feature addition for additional savings
Network operations center Continuous monitoring of system performance and condition
Automated fault handling and clearing via asset management service
Support services Web-based proposal development tools
Facility analysis for optimized design
Full system asset mgmt. service & performance guarantee

Battery Tower Specifications

Certifications UL1642, UL1973
Cell type Reliable, safe lithium manganese oxide

Electrical Inverter Specifications

AC power rating, per system unit 30kW
Storage capacity, two options 80kWh / 40kWh
AC interconnection voltage 480V, 3-phase (208V option)
NEC compliant UL1741, IEEE1547
Control electronics supply 110V AC

Physical Specifications

Operating temperature range 50F to 105F ambient
Per system unit, two options 1 or 2 Towers, 1 Inverter
Approx. dimensions per Tower 59"H x 28"D x 42"W
Approx. dimensions per Inverter 37" x 15"x 11"
Approx. weight per Tower 1600lbs
Approx. weight of Inverter 95lbs
Tower cabinet type Indoor std / Outdoor compatible
Inverter cabinet type Indoor / Outdoor
Tower mounting / stability Bolts to floor
Inverter mounting / stability Wall mount