The NantEnergy SmartStorage® system integrates its performance analytics with the Energy Toolbase™ platform to provide project allies (both installers and developers) direct access to an innovative analysis tool to simplify the proposal process and maximize project returns.

  • Understanding the economics of an energy storage system is complex. Energy Toolbase™ handles the complexity for you.
  • SmartStorage® energy storage project allies can easily and quickly generate an accurate evaluation of a SmartStorage® system installation on a customer's property, factoring in:
    • desired PV system size (if applicable)
    • property's utility-rate structure,
    • applicable incentives,
    • financing options and
    • operational profile.
  • The result is an accurate performance and savings estimate for the customer-specific SmartStorage® system (with or without PV)
  • Energy Toolbase™ enables project allies to automatically generate high quality professional proposals which are exclusively customized to meet a specific customer's needs.
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