Hotels Can Benefit From Solar PV Plus Storage

Many hotels in California are faced with expensive peak demand charges, paying some of the highest rates in the country. For some, it can represent more than 50% of their monthly utility bill.


Typical Results

Estimated Demand Charge Savings
*Actual site specific savings will vary
20 Year ROI

Solar+SmartStorage® Financing Options
No money down, fully managed financing options available for Solar plus SmartStorage® System

A solar PV installation may address only a small portion of a hotel's electricity bill.


Hotels featuring additional amenities and conference areas can spike a building's energy usage and impact the demand charge portion of its utility bill.

Hotels can take charge of their energy usage with Sharp's SmartStorageŽ energy storage system.

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Performance Guaranteed for 10 Years

With Sharp's 10-year Asset Management Service Agreement, if guaranteed demand reductions are not met. Sharp will compensate for the deficit in promised demand reductions. Sharp's 10-year Asset Management Service Agreement guarantees demand charge reductions for 10-years, protects against future rate hikes and delivers a ROI under certain circumstances as quickly as four years.


California hotels can pay more than 50 percent of their utility bill in demand charges. By installing a storage component with a solar PV system, hotels can reduce energy usage as well as peak demand on their monthly utility bill. The SmartStorage® system can also make solar installations economically viable where they otherwise would not be, in cases of limited space to deploy sufficient PV capacity. Additionally, hotels may benefit from the federal investment tax credit (ITC) for a solar plus storage installation.


To understand the true impact energy storage will have on a facility, utility rate structures, incentives, and a customer's historical usage must be considered. By providing 12 months of historical energy usage, Sharp is able to quickly generate an accurate model of kW demand reduction from a SmartStorage® system and solar installation at a hotel.

How SmartStorage® Works

Your electricity bill has two parts: demand charges and energy charges. Your 'demand' is the highest spike of instantaneous electricity you consume in a month.

The SmartStorage® system predicts demand storage and cuts expensive demand charges by instantly dispatching demand power kept in reserve. The system uses state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries from Samsung SDI.

As your hotel's demand starts to spike, intelligent predictive controls trigger a rapid power discharge to offset the spike.

Solar PV offsets energy charges but not demand charges. By combining the SmartStorage® system with solar PV, businesses save both on energy and demand.

The incentives for the business triple. In addition to any available state rebates for storage, you may be eligible for Federal Investment Tax Credits for both the solar and storage assets.

Let us know if you think your property is a good fit and we'll be in touch for free site assessment to determine how
much SmartStorage® can save you on your utility bill.
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