Introducing Zero-Down SmartStorage®+Solar Financing

Commercial Offer:
$25 million fund developed in
collaboration with leading financier
and offered to valued

Initial Pilot Program:
Seeking to fund qualified Solar+
Storage projects for this exclusive,
initial market launch.

Marketing Opportunity:
Exclusive joint public relations
and advertising for partners and
customers selected for this pilot.

Storage Guarantee Backed by Sharp

Solar + Storage Financing:

A no money down, 20-year solar PPA discounted by Sharp-backed demand savings.

Guaranteed Performance:

The value of Sharp's Performance Guarantee insures discounted solar PPA rates less than commercial utility rates.

Utility Savings:

Total year 1 utility savings are expected to range between 10% and 20% below existing utility costs in target utility areas.

End of Term Options:

Traditional 20-year solar PPA with end-of-term renewal or no-cost removal options.

The above illustration is an example of a typical project. Sharp will provide you with a chart depicting your savings.

Program Details

Term: 20 Years
Fixed Annual Cost: 0% down payment (no cash required)
10-20% utility rate discount
  (varies by CA utility)
0% annual escalation possible
Demand Savings: Billed demand savings applied to solar
PPA discount.
Agreement Includes: Warranty, maintenance & repair,
and 24/7 web-enabled monitoring.


Facility Peak Demand >100 kW
Utility Demand Charge >$18/kW
Solar System Size >100 kW/site
PV:Storage kW Ratio <3:1
Facility Load Factor <70%/month
Utility Provided 15-Minute Interval Data Required

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